As Associate members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), we are equipped to identify and explain the unique features and capacities of individual schools and help identify the best fit to enhance the growth and development of each student.

We explore academic ability, interests, and personality as we get to know your student. We review the student’s educational background and identify the factors that are most important to your family in selecting a school. Once schools of interest are identified, we work with the student to select schools to visit and develop a timeline for the admissions process.

Together we will manage application deadlines, including test scheduling and essay review. Once school notifications are received, we will help you evaluate school options and guide you as you choose your best fit college.

We work with students ranked at all levels within their high school and welcome students with learning differences. We give careful consideration to each student’s talents and challenges as we seek a college match that will provide opportunities for academic and personal growth.