Linda Goddard

M.A., CCC-SLP, Co-director of Speech and Language Services

Linda has over thirty years of experience working with pre-school and school age children. She has a Baccalaureate of Arts from the University of Colorado and a Master of Arts from the University of Denver. Our ABC Language Stimulation School is a direct result of her vision for children with speech/language delays to succeed in a language-rich environment. She has been a director of our school since its inception at ABC.


Laura Walton

M.S., CCC-SLP, Co-Director of Speech and Language Services

Laura has over twenty years of experience working with pre-school and school age children as well as adults. She has a Baccalaureate of Science and a Master of Science from Miami University, Oxford Ohio. As a mother of a child with special needs, Laura readily identifies with the many challenges and rewards our families experience during the early childhood years.

Carson Michalski

Carson Kidwell

M.OT, OTRL ABC Program Occupational Therapist

Carson has several years of experience working with children in various settings, 1:1, group, clinical and classroom. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from The University of Georgia and her Master of Occupational Therapy from The Medical University of South Carolina. Carson is accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association. A few of her areas of special interest and training include sensory integration, Alert Program, Handwriting without Tears, and acute pediatric care and rehabilitation. Carson’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and personal warmth further enhance her natural abilities and excellent training. She is a stellar therapist and member of our team..

Kristine Calderone

Kristine Calderone

B.S. Academic Teacher

Kristine has over sixteen years of experience teaching typical students and students with special needs in both public and private schools. She received her Baccalaureate of Science in Specific Learning Disabilities from University of South Florida. Energy, patience and a creative spirit help Kristine create an environment where all students can succeed. Using multisensory instruction methods, she adapts lessons to meet the varying needs of her students. Her warm and welcoming personality make it easy for students to feel comfortable working with Ms. Kristine. She and her husband are proud parents of two children: a daughter who recently graduated from college and a younger son who is away at college.

Sharon Bouchard

Sharon Bouchard

B.S. Occupational Therapy, Academic Teacher

Sharon has over thirty years of experience teaching as an occupational therapist. She has advanced certification in Sensory Integration (NTD) and many other related skills due to continuing education courses.
At ABC, Sharon incorporates her OT techniques and experiences into academic, social and developmental areas of the program. This translates into effective hands-on, experiential learning activities which naturally appeal to young children. Sharon is a deeply compassionate person who gives her all to each child.
She and her husband have two children: a daughter and a son. They have lived in Charlotte for sixteen years.


Robin Brandhorst

Teacher Assistant

Robin has worked with special needs children for over fifteen years as well as raising three children of her own. Prior to her positions with ABC and as a mother, Robin used her art skills as a visual merchandiser for a clothing company. This experience translates well into fun and educational hands-on art projects for our students.
Robin brings patience, knowledge and a sense of humor from her daily life into the classroom. She is naturally intuitive and always seems to be one step ahead of the students’ needs. Her projects place special emphasis on incorporating sensory enrichment into the children’s school day.