We offer a wide spectrum of educational assessments to measure cognitive ability, academic achievement and language development. Aptitude tests provide a snapshot of a child’s cognitive abilities while achievement testing measures academic skills such as reading, math and writing skills.

Some educational assessments seek to determine how well students are learning and to identify individual learning needs. Others evaluate specific areas of ability – for anyone from gifted learners to those with special needs. The results provide valuable feedback for students, educators, and parents. If a learning disability is suspected, supplemental testing can provide additional answers.

We encourage you to contact our office and discuss goals for your child. Together we can choose appropriate educational assessments.


Educational Assessments offered at ABC Educational Services:
  • Academically gifted evaluations
  • Achievement testing
  • Cognitive (IQ or GIA) testing
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Early entry for kindergarten
  • Evaluations for students with special needs
  • Governors school testing
  • Personality profile
  • Pre and post school year standardized testing for home schoolers